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Joy Bergmann

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

O 646.613.2798 | M 917.903.2011
340 West 23rd Street, New York
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My data-driven service springs from good manners ‚ being respectful, responsible and responsive to everyone involved in a successful real estate transaction.


After 15 years as a marketing executive touting the benefits of everything from cosmetics to computers, Joy decided to focus on selling something she's been passionate about since childhood: New York City.

"I grew up on a dead-end road in rural Iowa, " she says, "but I had the Village Voice mailed to me every week from the time I was 12. New York City has lived up to my wildest expectations. Helping others live their New York dreams is a true pleasure."

Joy believes in serving her Stribling clients with the best of the new and the proven. Data drive her decisions, but her approach originates from old-fashioned good manners. She delights in living up to her name with every interaction, every deal, every day.

My Approach

"Leadership starts with listening. I listen to my clients, to the market, to the data. I know where I'm headed before I take the first step. And when I do act, it's with great energy and enthusiasm. "


“Joy’s knowledge, patience, and humor were an immense help in getting through the process of buying an apartment. Her references were also fantastic --- knowledgeable and timely.”

- Buyer

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Open House Agenda: Three Manhattan Co-Ops Under... DNA Info 7/31/15
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