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Nicole Grandelli

Member, President's Circle

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

O 212.585.4547 | M 917.363.0030
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Nicole Grandelli boasts nearly a decade in the business and her success is a testament to her unique skillset.Working exclusively with partner Jason Lanyard from the moment they met in early 2008, Lanyard and Grandelli have redefined luxury residential brokerage by reclaiming the role of trusted investment advisor and marketing strategist to their A-list clients throughout the city and the globe. Nicole\'s greatest asset, hands down, is her impeccable intuition.Her currency is the trust her clients place in exactly that.She always finds it surprising that people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with a hand-selected stockbroker yet do not hesitate to throw millions into real estate without consulting the right real estate broker.Years of experience showing thousands of apartments and engineering hundreds of transactions have given her the means to make razor sharp projections for every single aspect of the buying and selling process.From the moment she first lays eyes on a property, she knows what kinds of buyers the listing will attract and what price it will sell for.She is literally a flight of steps ahead of everyone else in the market so she can troubleshoot and preempt obstacles before they ever arise.Nicole is constantly running state of cost-value analysis to ensure that every buyer\'s dollar is wisely invested and, similarly, that her seller\'s assets are optimally maximized. Nicole\'s marketing skills are of great value to her clients. She micromanages the wide array of moving parts in the sale process, from staging and architectural renderings to targeted advertising and exploit of direct contacts. She is able to originate a customized strategy for every single property and is also adept at changing tactics in midstream to accommodate everchanging trends in the marketplace and buyers\' tastes.She believes quite firmly that a buyer needs only show up and leave the rest in her capable hands; she will coordinate interior designers, expediters, and every possible ancillary personae topromotean informed decision and a fruitful transaction. Lanyard and Grandelli are a perfect complement to each other, giving their clients two power brokers for the price of one.Jason is the abstract numbers-driven yin to Nicole\'s reality-based yang.Along with their associate Geo Punnapuzha, they are able to accommodate an incredibly diverse portfolio of properties, selling scores of condominium resales, cooperatives, townhouses and new developments in a wide array of neighborhoods including the Upper East and Upper West Sides, Midtown, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Gramercy/Flatiron, Soho, Tribeca, Harlem, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Dumbo, Boerum Hill, and Long Island City. Nicole lives on the Upper West Side with her two children and is a graduate of New York University.

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